The Boarding School Slavery Series

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The Principal’s Office - Boarding School Slavery - Volume I

Andrew Morton, and English teacher at Brookvine Boarding School, is summoned to the principal's office for a meeting of an “utmost serious matter concerning his employment.” He swears he's innocent of the accusations against him, but his principal doesn't believe him. She gives him two choices: resign and face prison or become her slave. He chooses the latter, but it turns out to be much more intense than he could ever have imagined. What depravity will she enforce on him? And does she truly want him long term, or is he to be just another toy for her to play with and then cast away? The first in the Boarding School Slavery series. 

Contains strapon, ass worship, slavery, spanking, foot worship, face slapping, chastity and spitting


I saw the potential in Andrew: the man he could be with the right training. And I was a good trainer. He would be a fine catch, with the right lessons and some clothes that actually fit his body (like most insecure men, he wore clothes a size too big for him). Andrew probably didn’t think about me as a serious romantic partner. I'm good looking, but at 42 years-old, I'm 16 years his senior. Also, I'm his boss and he's afraid of me, a fear I’ve worked to instill. I've been demanding of him and never quite satisfied with his work (which by the way is excellent).  I like my employees to fear me, and I have the bearing to make it so. I'm 5'11” in stocking feet, 6'2” in my heels, which gives me five inches on Andrew. I'm a little on the heavy side, but I wear it well. I've got long brown hair and big tits, and no one has ever called me shy. It's very rare that I want something and do not get it.

And right now, I wanted Andrew. I was pretty sure he had fantasized about me and then felt guilty afterwards. I could work with that. There was no reason Andrew and I couldn't spend some wonderful afternoons and evenings with his tongue between my legs.

I could've gently molded Andrew into the perfect submissive lover: a young man eager to please me in any fashion I wanted. I could've taught him so much: how to worship my feet, how to lick and kiss my ass, how to take punishment. He would have loved it. I can tell a submissive man from across the room, even the ones who haven't admitted it to themselves. And Andrew was submissive. We could have had a lot of fun…could have. But he had to go and fuck it all up royally. Well, he would pay for that. I would still train him, just not slowly, and not gently.

The Principal’s Pet - Boarding School Slavery - Volume II

Dora Banes, Principal of Brookvine Boarding School, continues her enslavement of English teacher, Andrew Morton. She is surprised by his devotion and his talent in bed. Could he have long-term potential? If so, she'll need to step up his training, to where he responds instinctually to her every command, to where he is owned, body, mind and soul. And what of her plans to foster dominant women throughout the country? 

Contains strapon, corporal punishment, foot worship, body worship, corner time, spanking, slave training, chastity and domestic discipline


I got out of bed as he crawled after me stammering an apology.

“Head down.”

He stopped and put his forehead on the floor. He waited on his knees, his hands clasped behind his back. I put my foot on the back of his head.

“You receive pleasure at my discretion. When I’m about to give you intense pleasure, and you act sullen and whiny, it tells me you don’t appreciate my generosity. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“Bad, Ma’am?”

“Yes, slave. Bad. What might be another way to say how I feel?”

“Unappreciated, Ma’am?”

“That’s a good way, too. What it most makes me feel is that you don’t think of me as your owner and master. It makes me feel that you don’t think of yourself as my slave. Is that true?”

“No Ma’am! No! Please! I’m your slave! You’re my master! I appreciate everything you give me!”

The panic in his voice was touching.

“Your actions tell me something different. So let’s do this. Stand in the corner and think about why you act so ungratefully toward me, after all I’ve done for you. And while you do that, I’ll get the ruler.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He feared the ruler more than almost any other implement. I believe because it was so versatile. He never knew exactly what body part would get it.

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The Principal’s Discipline - Boarding School Slavery - Volume III

As Principal Dora Banes' domination of English teacher Andrew Morton intensifies, they grow closer. Andrew learns how to please his owner, thanks to constant spankings and weekly discipline sessions with her Singapore prison cane. Dora wants more, though. She wants her slave to submit to her automatically, to worship her every move and to find sexual pleasure even in her sadism. At the same time, Dora's plan to train a nation of dominant women gets a needed boost from the school Board. 

Contains strapon, ass and pussy worship, corporal punishment, slave training, domestic discipline and chastity


I rolled on top of Andrew, pushing my full weight onto him. I pinned his wrists over his head and held them with one hand. With the other I held his hair, keeping his head still. I kissed him roughly, forcing my tongue into his mouth. He struggled just a bit. He wasn’t really trying to get away; he just liked the feeling of being powerless to stop me. He stopped struggling and his body softened…most of it at least. I turned his head to the side and bit his neck.

“You’re my slave. You’ll always be my slave.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” His voice came out as a whisper. I could see the lust in his eyes.

I held him there, my body on top of his, his arms pinned to the mattress. I reached down, grabbed his cock and sunk onto it. He closed his eyes as I enveloped him.

“When you clean the house, you’ll be wearing the pink panties I bought for you.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I arched my back and squeezed.

You’re my slave. Say it.”

“I’m your slave, Ma’am. I’m your slave.”


He kept saying it as I rode him, feeling him fill me, the sensations coursing through my body. Only one of us got to orgasm that afternoon. But I did so twice, so it evened out, kind of.