Femdom Stories by Thimble
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This is high quality genre fiction with excellent character development and exploration. 

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I grew up pre-internet, so I didn’t know there was such a thing as femdom, or that anyone else shared my kinks. As a result, I had a lot of shame about what I wanted, which led to a busy inner life and a good sense of humor (imho). As I got older, I used writing as an outlet for all of the perverted thoughts running through my head.

I don’t care for the common trope in femdom stories of loser guy/alpha female. If that’s your thing, more power to you, but I don’t consider myself, or any other submissive, weak or a loser just for wanting to be dominated. When I first discovered femdom stories, those were the only males I saw, and I felt I had to choose between liking myself and being submissive.

In my stories, the men are accomplished in some way or another. They’re strong. Not as strong as the women, of course, but strong enough so that if there’s a younger version of me struggling to accept himself, he has another option besides believing himself unworthy.

I get a kick out of writing my books. I hope you like them too.


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Very much enjoyed your books [Thimble] - very authentic feel to the characters and relationships, and often made me swell in Maîtresse’s chastity cage.
— @AdoredDevoted

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